AboutOur story

Our Story

This is a family project.  It’s going to be exciting to see what happens next.

The owner, Kristi C. Roberts, has the creative gene and always wanted to open her own store and let the creativity flow.  After teaching speech, working in Health Education and working full time as a volunteer for many years it was time.

Youngest son Jack has the entrepreneur gene.  He became a Licensed Realtor his senior year in high school, worked at his dad’s law firm, studied magic and began a jewelry business.  The Jack of Hearts Jewelry Collection is made up of pieces collected from closeouts and estate sales across the country.  Rather than focus on the high-end pieces, JOH collects it all.  Jewelry is cleaned, repaired and resold here at the Pink Door and is affordable to every budget.  His tagline: Show Her You Care, For Less.

Middle child Samantha also answers to Sam, Sammy, Sammy K, and Baby, but her favorite name is Mommy.  She and her husband of 7 years are the parents of our top models here at Pink Door, Bethany and Hazel.  She is our top buyer and scout for some of our merchandise.  She consistently reminds the owner she is old and keeps her focused on what is trending for younger groups.  She is also going to help with creativity on our social media sites and ad designs.

Eldest son Matt is the power behind the Pink Door.  He is a talented Web Designer/Programmer and keeps our online contact in place.  He will be overseeing our Website, Social Media and Advertisement.  You can see his creative side on stage.  Watch for the Matt LeRoy Band and you can hear some standard favorites, but you will also love the songs he wrote.

Husband Bruce must be mentioned too.  When he is not practicing law, he is the best lifter, carrier, runner, supporter, and receipt collector ever!

Our Name

The name Pink Door was created as a reference to Breast Cancer Awareness. We hope it serves as a reminder to get your mammograms, a tribute to those who lost the fight and a salute to survivors.
Owner Kristi C. Roberts is a 3-year survivor of breast cancer. Her mother lost her battle to Breast Cancer in 2002 and her aunt in 2018.

L-R Aunt Betty and Mom/Gigi
Whether shopping for a friend or family member Pink Door Gift Store has something for everyone.